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Wajid Pickup Truck rental Dubai Is the most used pickup truck rental in Dubai. Our company is one of the trusted transport & moving companies in the UAE. We have been providing logistics support to individual and corporate companies in this area for the last 20 years or so. There is a large number of people looking for pickup for rent in Dubai & we are always ready to serve them. Our Pickup Truck Delivery Dubai contains a large fleet of trucks. With one of the biggest networks of goods transport vehicles, we can transport anything from anywhere in the UAE. We can provide trucks with drivers in different capacities to help your big move, Toyota Hilux Single Cabin, Mitsubishi Canter, Mitsubishi 2 ton & Mitsubishi 3 ton etc. Many big companies don’t buy pickup due to vehicle maintenance & driver issues. With our cheapest truck rental services, you can take your goods quickly & easily.

Pick up for rent in Dubai

Although Wajid rental Truck Service Dubai provides 1-ton and 3-ton pickup we can menage bigger & even smaller transport vehicles as well. It is still more useful compared to your regular size vehicles such as a car. Unlike your personal vehicle, a pickup truck have more prominent space for carrying weighty stuff that can use when traveling far away & off-roads. Our pickup trucks are mostly used for commercial & domestic shiftings.

Our Pickup truck can also carry heavy machines, transport bikes, motorcycles, furniture & electronic goods. You can use our services for moving you house items or office goods as well. This type of vehicles can also be use for carrying heavy loads of agricultual products from farms to deliver to market places that sell these products to the people.

Why do people take pickup trucks on rent in Dubai?

Pickup is a vehicle that has an enclosed cab or an open cargo area which is usually used for carrying goods that cannot normally fit in a small storage space of a car. Nowadays, pickup is a requirement of every other business that deals in some heavy material goods. Therefore, business growth requires busniess owners to have pickup truck can carry heavy materials and goods. Pickup trucks are large & expensive vehicles that cost a good amount on their purchasing and maintenance. Moreover, pickup truck drivers take a hefty amount as salary that adds to your monthly cost when you own a pickup truck. So not every person/business can afford to buy & run them on its own. That is where rental pick truck service becomes handy. Wajid pickup rental delivery services offer the cheapest rental truck service in the United Arab Emirates.


Advantages of our pickup truck rental services

Too many companies in Dubai take benefit from Wajid Pick up truck Rental Dubai. Save time and money by hiring our pickup rental services. We have trained drivers who know each and every part of the UAE and so they can take your goods to & from any place & deliver them in time. Our insurance service guarantees compensation for any accidental loss of your goods. With 24/7/365 availability, we are ready to serve you any time anywhere in the UAE. We also offer manpower services for loading & unloading your heavy stuff.

You can also hire our pickup rental services for business trips or carry extra luggage on your family vacations. Furthermore, you can take our services when your vehicle is damaged or have a flat tire on the road & you want anyone to carry you along with your stuff to some place.

Our Services

Loading & Unloading

Our services include packing, moving, transportation, loading, unloading, unpacking, re-arranging. Our young and highly experienced team know very well that how to load the items and unload

Truck Rental

If you need our truck service we have trucks also for rent. Open, close whichever you need we provide you truck rental service at a very low cost. We have small pickup and as well as big truck 3 Ton available.

House Packers Movers

We are Professional House Movers in Dubai, Packers, Transportation, removal/shifting and expert in relocation. For moving your office or houses, flat/villa/apartment’s furniture & fixtures, curtains fixing blinds fixing and also LCD fixing.

Furniture installation

We understand that client’s furniture is expensive and they want to damage free shifting of their furniture. We will keep your belongings safe. We fix all kinds of furniture very well. We remove everything from walls, we also provide extra services on request for your curtains.

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